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Some illustration work by Lisa Dzierzon, the artist behind On the Morrow


The Mindful Heart

In 2021 Lisa had the opportunity to work with the homeschool company, The Mindful Heart. She illustrated two books, Alphabet Avenue and Poetry Power Nursery Rhymes. Lisa also got to illustrate the cover of 10 story books, a couple stories within those storybooks, the game Bill of Rights Blitz, and co-illustrate with Kristell Fox another game called Living Kingdoms. 

Check out what else The Mindful Heart offers

Angels Foretold of Baby Jesus

This book shares how God sent angels with the sacred message that Jesus would be born. Receive the good news that angels brought to Isaiah, Lehi, Nephi and other faithful prophets. Remember Gabriel's precious visit to Mary.  Rejoice when baby Jesus comes to earth. Reverence the nativity story in a new light.

This wonderful Christmas picture book, for ages 5-10.

Available on Amazon and Cedar Fort publishing


Little Mormons

Some of Lisa's earliest contract work was done with Little Mormons, a company based out of Freiberg, Germany. From her Little Prophets series to one of her first jobs illustrating a book.

For products in German, visit

Customs Projects

Zippy and the Tree of Life written by Enia Castillo. This book is a sweet story about Zippy, the daughter of Nephi and granddaughter of Lehi, seeking her own revelation about the vision of the Tree of Life. 

The Song of the Pearl is about a young girl who goes on a dangerous mission. In order to return home to live with her family again, she must retrieve her pearl from the evil dragon. Will she be able to do it? Or will she be conquered by the enemy? Based on The Hymn of the Pearl, a Gnostic myth quoted on the apocryphal work entitled The Acts of the Apostle Thomas.

Buy it on Amazon here


Books written by Enia Castillo


Just for Fun!

In her spare time Lisa loves making dolls...out of SOCKS! She definitely doesn't consider herself much of a seamstress but thoroughly enjoys the learning process.

See more of her creations on her doll Instagram page.

Want a custom made doll? Contact Lisa here

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