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We’re the Dzierzons. You may be wondering how the heck you pronounce that?! Basically, ignore the D, Zier - zone. See, not so bad.


I’m Lisa. Nice to meet you.


Christoph and I met in Freiberg, Germany in September 2011 (Christoph is German). We started dating in October, got engaged in December, and married in May the following year. It was a whirlwind! We spent the next 7 years in Germany where we started our family and had all three boys. We now live in the United States.


I picked up the brush again when our oldest was just a few months old.  I developed a love for illustration but more so creating resources that our family can use in our gospel study. The boys are always at the forefront of my mind when creating new products.


Christoph is the backbone of this business. He’s in the background making everything possible; printing, ordering supplies, even producing some of the products on his own. He keeps things organized and is able to calm my anxieties that accompany running a small business. He is my biggest support. On the Morrow would not exist without him. 


Finnley is the best motivator. He is  incredibly encouraging and hardworking. He enjoys packing orders and even helping his dad produce a few things here and there. Finnley also has some pretty neat ideas, especially in the game department. He’s an entrepreneur at heart.


Then there’s Alvin. Alvin loves all things technology. Especially making videos. He is always willing to be in front of the camera which makes making them more fun because heaven knows I do not love that. 


Ezra helps bring packages to the post office. He reminds the whole family of what’s most important and encourages everyone (especially me) to slow down and just be together.


That’s a little about us.

We are so happy you’re here and grateful for your support of our small family business.


Thank you!



The Dzierzon Family

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