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Book of Mormon Tell Me Game

Book of Mormon Tell Me Game

This game is a perfect activity for family night, a Sunday afternoon, or any time throughout the week. Tell Me will help children of all ages learn to relate random objects to scripture stories—a great skill to have in life and as a missionary!


35 story cards, 9 wooden picture dice, 1 instruction card, 1 picture dice card, 1 cotton bag


How it works: Keep the stack of cards in the cotton bag. When it’s your turn, pick a card at random out of the bag. Look at the illustration on the card, and review the story if needed (a summary, as well as scripture references, are provided on the back of the card). Roll all 9 picture dice, and choose at least 3 of the 9 rolled dice to relate to the story. Using the pictures on the dice you chose, tell the story on your card.* Help each other as needed!


*Tip: The pictures on the dice can be interpreted in multiple ways. Be creative!


Example: I picked the Liahona card, and the 3 picture dice I chose were the footprint,

conversation bubble, and boat. Here’s the story I told: “When Lehi and his family were traveling in the wilderness, the Lord provided a Liahona to tell them where to go. Eventually, the Liahona guided them to the Promised Land by boat.


Size (approximately 5.25x 3.75 in. or 9.5x13 cm), protective matte laminate 

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