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Article of Faith Dry Erase Cards

Article of Faith Dry Erase Cards

Recipe for how to make memorizing easy.




First letter or each word

A whimsical illustration

A dash of repetition 


BOOM! A bomb way to memorize (and remember) the Articles of Faith. Just write in the words to each article, erase, and repeat. 


*Pro tip - After writing in the entire article of faith, read it, then erase a couple words (start with easy ones like “the” or “of”), read it again, then repeat that process until all the words are erased and you have the article of faith memorized!


You’ve got this!


Included in this product are 16 dry-erase memorization cards and 1 reference card. 


Size A5 (148.5 x 210 mm5.8 x 8.3 inches), full color and lamination

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