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PDF You Be You Affirmation Cards set of 35

PDF You Be You Affirmation Cards set of 35

This game gives your child confidence, comfort and the tools they need to navigate their feelings, recognize their individual potential, and come to love who they are as a unique child of God. There are 25 illustrated affirmation value cards, each with its own personal lesson of a prompt, definition, and challenge in the instructions booklet (written by Nicole Gneiting from @mindfulhome). There are six different ways suggested to play the game that are described in the beginning of the booklet. They're easy and can be played in 5 minutes or a lengthy daily lesson with your child. Feel free to get creative and come up with your own game!


Included in the PDF are 25 cards sized 4x4 inches, instruction pages which include: game ideas, affirmations, definition, a challenge, and a prompt.


*This is a PDF download, you will not be receiving anything in the mail

*You'll receive an e-mail with the file (it'll be sent to the e-mail you provide during the checkout process)

*Download the file within 30 days. The link is gone after 30 days. We use for our website and this is their process. Unfortunately, we cannot change it. If you have any trouble, please feel free to reach out to us at


For personal use only. File sharing, reproduction, and resale of this item is prohibited. All rights reserved Lisa Dzierzon of On the Morrow LLC.

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