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Bright and Beautiful Set of 6

Bright and Beautiful Set of 6

The Bright and Beautiful collection offers far more than simply being bright and beautiful. They’re convenience smothered in happy colors. These felt envelopes can be used for a variety of purposes; at home, church, travel, and more! Just fill them up with goodies, like markers, craft supplies, puzzle pieces, receipts, electronics, a child’s treasures from the park. Shall I keep going? Seriously, anything you want. Then, pop that envelope into your purse (or don’t) and go! With the snap button closure, they’re able to keep all the little things together for a mess-free experience. Plus … 


…they’re Bright and Beautiful.


Size (approximately 9.5x7 in. or 24x17.5 cm.)


Individual colors sold separately:


Phoebe Fucsia -

Obediah Orange -

Lemon Lime Lamoni -

Shiphrah Sea Foam -

Teancum Teal -

Priscilla Purple -

    $25.00 Regular Price
    $15.00Sale Price
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